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MegaGear Fujifilm X30 Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Case, with Carabiner - Light Brown - MG552

Available in stock Part#: MG552

29.99 USD

TAILORED TO FIT – This MegaGear neoprene camera case is specifically tailored to fit the Fujifilm X30, achieving that desired perfect fit.

PROTECTIVE – Crafted from scratch free, soft, durable and padded neoprene material to provide maximum protection.

FAST AND CONVENIENT – A durable carabiner lets you clip your camera to your backpack, belt, or waistband for quick and convenient access when needed. The neoprene material is flexible, lightweight and takes up minimal space, making this case a perfect on the go companion.

OUTDOOR OR TRAVEL – Protects your camera and lens from dirt, scratches, dust, bumps and moisture while traveling, or outdoors.

BOLD, VIBRANT COLORS – Comes in a variety of fun, unique colors to choose from. Choose the color that expresses your style and passion.

Product Details

MegaGear Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Cases are designed with convenience, and protection in mind.


MegaGear Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Cases are specifically tailored to fit your camera and lens combination, ensuring that perfect, snug fit that will keep your camera from shaking around in the case while you are outdoors and being active. The padded scratch free neoprene material protects your camera from dirt, scratches, dust, bumps and moisture.


Capturing the moment will require you to access your equipment quickly. The MegaGear Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Case design allows you to access and replace your photography equipment within seconds. With the durable carabiner attached to a cross-stitched carabiner loop you can carry your camera attached to your backpack, or belt.

 Product Details:

  • High Quality Neoprene Material
  • Soft, Lightweight and Compact
  • Protects Against Scratches, Dust, Damage and Shock
  • Moisture and Water Resistant
  • Comes in Red, Blue, Black, Pink or Grey
  • Designed for Fujifilm X30
  • Carabiner Included

Terrific product with one exception
_by William L. Salter on July 31, 2015
Overall I like this product very much. The leather is high quality, the fit and finish are very good, and the camera fits perfectly. Also like the retro styling. The one drawback is that there is no snap on the front cover to secure it in place. I think there are magnets in the leather which are meant to stick to magnets on the back cover to keep the front cover in place (not sure of this, but there are two small circular things in the top of the front cover). However, they are not very strong, so if I am walking at a good pace and the case is bouncing against my body, the front cover frequently flips open, so I usually keep a hand on the case to keep it closed. Maybe that's a reasonable trade-off for quick access to the camera, but I would prefer a snap closure. Still a good product though.

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