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MegaGear MG633 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (14-140mm) Ever Ready Leather Camera Case with Strap - Black

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Available in stock Part#: MG633

34.99 USD

BESPOKE FIT – The MegaGear Premium Leather Camera Case is specifically tailored using high quality leather for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (14-140mm) models for precision fit and coverage.

ENHANCED PROTECTION – Due to its rugged construction and tailored fit this case provides maximal external protection for your camera against bumps, dust, damage and shock. The soft internal layer of padded fabric keeps your LCD and lens safe from scratches, along with protecting your camera body.

CONVENIENT – Convenience features allow rapid use of your camera when needed, taking that impulsive shoot is as easy as flipping the top cover open. Perfect for functional travel and outdoor use.

STYLISH DESIGN – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned, professional photographer, you will want these lightweight leather cases at your side, combining exquisite, ageless leather style with rugged protection.

FUNCTIONAL ACCESSIBILITY – The "Ever Ready" is designed for efficient photography and accuracy. Install your camera on a tripod and leave the case on!

Product Details

Keep your Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (14-140mm) safe with the MegaGear “Ever Ready” Protective Leather Camera Case . This case is made for photographers who wish to reflect their art through their style.

A union of exquisite leather craftsmanship and soft, padded internal protection the MegaGear Leather Camera Case will be your perfect companion for taking photos on the go, whenever and wherever you are.

Accessibility Matters

With the MegaGear Leather Camera Case you do not have to remove it to take pictures or mount your camera on a tripod. Simply pull your camera out and capture the perfect shot!

Product Details:

  • High Quality PU Leather
  • Soft Internal Protective Padded Fabric
  • Protects Against Scratches, Dust, Damage and Shock
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Ever Ready Design – Tripod Installation in Seconds
  • Designed for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (14-140mm)
VERY nice and PERFECT fit with 25mm f1.4 Summilux w/hood attached; 42.5mm f1.2 w/hood reversed.
_by swyzlstyx on November 10, 2016
First off, let me say that this fits PERFECTLY with the Lumix 25mm f1.4 Leica DG Summilux, WITH the lens hood attached!UPDATE: Just checked and it also fits great with the huge 42.5mm f1.2 Nocticron, but the big metal lens hood has to be reversed, of course.I'll check fitment of the 12mm f1.4 Summilux soon, and update.Ever-ready type cases are great...because you can't take pictures with a camera tucked away in a camera bag, This one is VERY nice, and a great price. One snap undone with your right hand under the camera makes it immediately ready to shoot. Undo the other two snaps, and the "cover" comes off, leaving the protective bottom and grip areas. The GX8 is just about as small of a camera as my clumsy hands can handle, and this makes the grip much more substantial and very comfortable to handle.You have to remove the bottom part to change batteries/remove SD card, but the big brass colored hardware makes that super easy.Oh, and it comes with a matching pleather strap, which looks equally as nice, but I prefer my own comfortable woven strap.Now, I want a brown one, too. ;)

A Pleasant Surprise!
_by Ivan S on March 13, 2016
I've purchased cases before for other cameras, but none have been quite as versatile as this one.The case on the whole envelops the GX8 fairly well, with openings left on the cord IO side. The grip side is covered quite well.The case attaches to the camera via the tripod mount and is screwed in place. The case comes as 2 parts that are detachable from each other. 1) is the base/grip protector and 2) the other is the camera lens/body protector. They are attached via a couple of buttons on the underside of the grip protector and hinge nicely when attached, so that they can be "folded" back into place as a total camera protection unit. The threaded mount under the base protector also allows for a tripod to be screwed on underneath the mounting screw. The case comes with an additional strap, but I never attached it -- just using the one that comes with the camera. It also comes with a microfiber wipe. Added to my collection which I can never get enough of.I have lenses as pancake-y as the panasonic 20mm and as long as the Olympus 40-150mm, which seem to work with the total length of the lens protection section. As far as the circumference, the Panasonic 12-35mm seems to fit well, too. Anything "longer" (collapsed length + no hood) than the 40-150mm might not fit as well.I wasn't aware that the sections of the case were detachable, so seeing this in action was a great surprise, allowing me to carry the lens protector if I want to, but keep the grip/base protector at all times. A use case for me is that, I have a bag with a notebook pc and various other accessories in it. I might have the entire case attached to the camera when carrying it in that bag. But when I remove the camera from the bag, I may leave the lens protection part in the bag, while the grip protector comes with me and the camera out shooting. Leaving all parts attached works well, as the attachment area swings downward because of the weight of the lens protection section. Hopefully the attached images assist in the explanations.The only *downside* is that the grip/base protector has to be removed to take out the battery or SDCard, but as my cards are large in size, it's usually ok. Overall I'm very impressed with this purchase, especially at this price.

Beautiful, vintage looking leather! Great case!
_by Naomi Manygoats on February 5, 2016
I thought that for this price the camera case could not really be the soft, beautiful, vintage looking leather that was in the picture. But it is! And it fits the Lumix camera with my small zoom lens just beautifully. I have spent 3X this before, on a TINY leather case for my little Sony, so I am very happy. It also comes with a leather strap, lens and cleaning cloth. The main part of the case can easily be unsnapped for carrying around shooting pictures, then you can snap the case back on to toss the camera in the car for your next destination.

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