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MegaGear Red - Yellow - FLD Filter + 58mm Metal Housing Lens Filter Converter Adapter for GoPro, GoPro HD, GoPro HRR03+, GoPro Hero4, Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black cameras

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Part#: MG198

19.99 USD

Made from the finest solid optical glass, are ground and polished to the most practical thinness.

Fliter also fits for DSLR cameras with a 58mm filter thread

They are heat-treated to avoid any distortion or focal shift, and each filter is subject to strict tests in order to ensure a flawless, even surface, which is essential to a quality filter and exceptional photographs.


Product Details

Purple filter works better than any I have seen if green water
_by David jordan on April 12, 2015
I bought this for underwater uses and it works perfectly. Magnetic I'd very strong and holds lense in place but can be moved out of the way. The design also prevents air between the lense and Gopro.Purple filter works better than any I have seen if green water. I also like the face any other 58mm lense will fit adaptor. I have macro 1-10 I use underwater and now I can color correct and use the macro lense.Well worth the money.

Excellent fit on GoPro Hero 4 silver
_by Jim Richters on January 31, 2015
This fir my GoPro Hero4 Silver PERFECTLY, I just could not be happier with the fit! I found that if I push it all the way back against the camera housing it's very rigid, and even though the square part of the original housing protrudes slightly, it does not interfere with any of my filters. the magnet that holds the filter in place is very strong and secure, yet not excessively difficult to open.. Please note that while this is installed, you cannot read the front LCD screen at all, it is completely blocked. for me, 58mm filters were more important than reading the front LCD because I have tons of 58mm filters, and I never use the front LCD anyway, I normally use my cell phone to set it up. the status LEDs on the front are still easily viewable. being able to swing the filters out of the way is a nice thing to be able to do, however it's only really useful if the camera is fixed and not moving around, because even moving slightly causes the filter to swing around in front of the lens if it's not secured by the magnet. For my use, I just could not be happier with this! strongly recommend if you can do without the front LCD. I went down a waterside head first with my go pro on my head with this filter adapter attached and hit the water hard enough to knock the entire thing off my head, and the magnet held tight and the filter and adapter all stayed put.. no problems at all!

great product
_by Eduardo Laws on July 21, 2014
Great product, excellent price and fast service. Needed these items for my lens. Great kit, I'm really pleased and the items came on time. I was pleasantly surprised!!

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